Boardshorts Buyers Guide 2016

Boardshorts buyers guide 2016

board shorts buyers guide 2016

Can I use them to swim in?

Yes,  every pair of boardshorts are 100% designed to be used in and out of the water.

Boardshorts are now more durable than ever, one minute you can be surfing, paddle boarding, swimming or any other water sport as well as worn all day long to relax at the beach or pool and look good.


Should I wear anything under my boardshorts?

Not really.  You can but we wouldn't recommend it! Boardshorts are designed to dry quickly and any other garment worn under the shorts can stay wet for much longer making it more uncomfortable and will leave you more prone to chafing, and nobody wants that!

Many of the high end boardshorts are designed with welded seams (seams hold your boardshorts together) they can be welded or glued which will result in a greatly reduced possibility of chafing.



What's the main difference between boardshorts and why are some boardshorts really expensive?

 Pretty much every surf brand has a budget boardshort for around £30 - £40 as well as high end boardshorts for anything up to £130. Why the difference?

Each year the list of boardshorts materials grow larger, with advancements in technologies, materials & detail there is an ever emerging technology race by the brands to make the best boardshorts in the world, in basic terms, this can sum up to be Quality and Comfortablity, Every surf brand is trying to make the Ultimate Boardshorts, or to quote the surf brand Ripcurl "Like Wearing Nothing". If it is comfy, unrestrictive & looks good! You have found the Ultimate Boardshorts for you.

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What makes it a Technical Boardshort?

The aim of a technical performance board short is enhance comfortability, whether this be un-restricted movement (Stretch), Stop or reduce rashing (Welded Seams), Dry Quicker Fabrics for less drag and again comfortablity (no one likes to walk around in wet boardies all day) or many more features such as lycra fly closures to stop irritation from velcro and so on. Following many years of specialising in technical performance boardshorts at iboardshortd, we thought it would be great to share our knowledge to help guide you to your perfect boardshort.


Stretch - is comfort - Stretch is a must in a pair of boardshorts, Technical boardshorts offer this using various fabrics depending on brand, Whether this be Stretch Fabric or Stretch Panels with the aim of no restrictions and ultimate flexiability of movement, but premium fabrics also have the remarkable memory to maintain shape.


Construction - of boardshorts are ever develping to provide surfers and consumers with great comfort, stretch, ever lighter and quicker drying! Some of the most Technical boardshorts have welded seams which is as they say "Welded" and not stitched, All to prevent rashing and binding making your time in the water a comfortable one. Quiksilver have their Diamond Dobby Fabric (Embossed Diamond Fabric on the inside reducing skin contact, weight etc, Hurley and their Phantom material, designed by Nike for their olympic swimming team, Billabong have their Quad X and so on..
All with an aim to maximise comfort, be lighter, dry quicker and increase durability.


Quick Drying - H20 Repellent - All boardshorts are essentially quick drying but there are some that are faster drying and even some that are water repellent. This water repellent coating is slowly being introduced into more and more boardshorts every year. This is a good thing! Once you have had a short like this it would be hard to go back.


Fly Closure - Velco, Zips, Buttons, Neoprene or Lycra. All brands use most of them somewhere in their collections. In Premium boardshorts it is mainly a lycra or neoprene fly, with an aim to offer no bulking or discomfort in "that area". Hurley have their EZ Fly system, Quiksilver, their Neo Fly.......


Drawcords - Originally it was a shoe string to keep up your boardies in the older days, but nothing can escape technology. Now brands have developed their own versions of Silicon / Rubber inprinted drawcords, which offers extra grip and security and that peace of mind in those extreme sessions.


Pockets - A controversial area in Premium boardshorts, some say lots of pockets, some say none. After all, the same boardshorts are worn by Pro Surfers, and because boardshorts are made for them, both brands have developed  ways of making the pocket discrete. This is by pockets being "welded" on "not stitched"  with welded material on the inner of the short to stop irritation or rubbing on the leg.

what makes the best board shorts


When choosing boardshorts what do I need to consider?


This is a very personal preference, for many years a 22" boardshort was the normal length, this makes the short sit just below the knee. Since 2014 a more retro shorter length of shorts have been seen on the beach, lengths such as 16", 17", 18" & 19" has been more prominent across all the brands, giving you wider options for some nice looking retro style modern fit board shorts.

search by lengths

To search for boardshorts by length you can use the filter or choose one of the following, 16" Boardshorts, 17" Boardshorts18" Boardshorts19" Boardshorts, 20" Boardshorts, 21" Boardshorts, 22" Boardshorts or 23" Boardshorts.

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You can search for you favorite boardshorts by brand, Hurley BoardshortsQuiksilver BoardshortsVissla BoardshortsDakine BoardshortsO'Neill BoardshortsAnimal Boardshorts,Volcom BoardshortsDC BoardshortsFox BoardshortsBillabong BoardshortsRipcurl BoardshortsOakley BoardshortsSanta Cruz Boardshorts, Independant Boardshorts, Metal Mulisha Boardshorts or 21Scars Boardshorts.



You can search for you favorite boardshorts by type or style, If you wanted the best Premium Boardshorts or just simply a pair of Plain boardshorts. Or take a look at our Holiday Boardshorts which contain some great patterns and designs, iboardshorts have a great selection of Mens Physique Boardshorts for competitions. If you need a smart pair of shorts, take a look at our Hybrid Boardwalks, these are walkshorts the feel like boardshorts. You can seach for boardshorts by your favorite surfer, or even take a look at our collab boardshorts.